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What’s the Latest Version of iOS for iPhones and iPads? The Latest Major Version is iOS 12. The latest major version of Apple’s iOS operating system is iOS 12, which Apple first released on September 17, 2018. Find and update the software version on your Apple iPhone 4s Find and update the software version on your Apple iPhone 4s; Find and update the software version on your Apple iPhone 4s . Last Updated: Mar 24, 2016. Software Updates - Apple iPhone 4s. Software updates may be released in stages and can take several da ... 7 Things to Know About the iPhone 4s iOS 9.3.6 Update

The iPhone with model number A1387 is an Apple iPhone 4s. It was released in October 2011 and follows the design of the much-revered iPhone 4. Its improvements include a better camera, a faster dual-core processor and a later version of the iOS operating system. I see that you are unable to use...

Previously, the tally stood at five versions for iPhones; The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 both lasted a total of five major OS versions, from iOS 5 to"That means long-lasting hardware coupled with our amazing software." So we can expect that the iPhone 5S won't be the last iPhone to break records. iOS 9.2.1 makes speed boosts for users with Apple's older… Although installing 9.2.1 still causes an iPhone 4S or 5 to boot slower, once in action the software can load apps as fast or faster than 8.4.1 in manyA consistent problem with iOS has been the tendency for devices as little as a year or two old to suddenly see slowdowns after upgrading to a new version. Read this before upgrading your iPhone 4s to iOS 8 Despite slower performance, iOS 8 on the iPhone 4s “is nowhere near as bad” as iOS 7 on the iPhone 4. And although the phone renders transparency and translucency UI effects, animations are “markedly more choppy” and inconsistent due to droppedOther iOS features unavailable to iPhone 4s owners Ultrasn0w Download: How to unlock iPhone 4 to iPhone 5s…

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